We have more than 10 years developing real estate assets and at least 50 successful real estate projects sold or stabilized.

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About us

We obtain real-time market data and analyze real estate trends. We use this information to acquire assets at strategic points and thus develop high-yield real estate projects.

How to invest with Vertikaler

Ícono Planos

Land or Asset Contributor

Do you have a well-located piece of land or Real Estate asset and want to get the most out of it? Come to us to develop a project with high demand and great income.

Ícono Casco

Passive Investor

Do you have a cash fund and want to put it to work? Real estate investments are the best option to grow your wealth and protect it from inflationary changes.

Ícono Casa

Pre Sale investor.

Want to grow your portfolio and be certain that it has capital gains? Buying pre-sale properties is the best option to acquire real estate and guarantee capital gains in the midterm.

Recent Developments

Made based on real demand data.

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